Coming back…

Hey fellas! By the end of 2016 I ended up at SR P4 to participate in their morning show and then I had a nice gig at the beautiful church of Svartnäs, Dalarna. I felt tired at the time and I had a hard time writing music. Early this spring I decided not to play any gigs for some time. I felt that I needed to focus on how to get the energy back to break my writers block. Therefor I also escaped Facebook for some time. To pull the plug was necessary and it paid of too. While the summer was closing in I finally reached a creative flow, the inspiration lead me back into the studio to record new material. Things are taking shape right now and I believe in a new album 2018. Hopefully I will be back playing gigs forthcoming autumn as well.

Mattias performing at the Peace & Love Festival 2016. Photo: Ulf Nash

Yesterday I also created a Spotify-playlist containing my 10 most listened songs at Spotify. Check it out.
Have a nice summer everyone!

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