Coming back…

Hey fellas! By the end of 2016 I ended up at SR P4 to participate in their morning show and then I had a nice gig at the beautiful church of Svartnäs, Dalarna. I felt tired at the time and I had a hard time writing music. Early this spring I decided not to play any gigs for some time. I felt that I needed to focus on how to get the energy back to break my writers block. Therefor I also escaped Facebook for some time. To pull the plug was necessary and it paid of too. While the summer was closing in I finally reached a creative flow, the inspiration lead me back into the studio to record new material. Things are taking shape right now and I believe in a new album 2018. Hopefully I will be back playing gigs forthcoming autumn as well.

Mattias performing at the Peace & Love Festival 2016. Photo: Ulf Nash

Yesterday I also created a Spotify-playlist containing my 10 most listened songs at Spotify. Check it out.
Have a nice summer everyone!

Home town gig@Granny Goes Street

The summer solo tour is coming to an end this week. I had loads of fun and I also met a lot of great people out there. At Saturday, September 3rd I will perform at the annual festival Granny Goes Street in my home town Falun and I’m really looking forward doing it! My songwriting flow is still running strong and every gig this summer featured one or two new songs. Playing the new song material feels really good and the response from the audience has been interesting too.

I will end this short message by posting a photo from the gig at the Peace & Love Festival where Magnus Bergman joined me.

Stay tuned & take care!


Jag å Begman Pål

Photo: Ulf Nash

Peace & Love Festival

Lies press

Hi friends!

I’ll drop you a few lines before I’m leaving my apartment for a couple of days in the old little village Bingsjö, together with my family. On Wednesday the annual Bingsjöstämman occurs, a folkmusic festival which is held in this small village, in the province of Dalarna. We always use to get there in time to jam with friends and enjoy the great atmosphere of the place.

At the 9th of July I will play at the Peace & Love Festival in Borlänge for the third time and I’m really looking forward to it! A new festival gig is announced in the tour schedule too, Granny Goes Street in my hometown Falun in September 3rd. If you’re not planning a festival summer there’s several other chances for you to catch up, there among next Saturday. My old friend, the producer Magnus Bergman and his new band mate Saga Björling will throw a gig in Falun Saturday night at the venue Kopparhatten. I will make a performance at their musical evening right after my own gig at Peace & Love, probably around 23:15.

Almost forgot writing it… There have been some changes in the tour schedule. The gig at Café Wahlman, Hedemora has been replaced by another gig at Hotel Klockargården, Leksand (Tällberg). Hopefully I will see some of you out there.

Peace & Love to you all! Mattias