Frizon Festival

“Mattias Lies proves to be an experienced singer-songwriter from Falun and the music is catchy folk rock with a touch of Americana. With a great voice and a particularly well-playing band, Mattias delivers a bunch of songs that make me wonder; how did I ever manage not discovering this guy?

As a whole experience, it becomes an equally generous and intense as intimate gig “


Magnus Sundell, Indrag 2010-08-12



CC Puben, Gävle 

Mattias Lies brings a fantastic musical performance that feels too big and too good for CC-Puben and litte Gävle. It could have been Bob Dylan, Neil Young or Tom Petty. But no, it was none of those legends. It was Mattias Lies that made the music seem immortal without compromising his own artistic integrity.

Andreas Jakobsson, Gävle Dagblad, 2009-07-24


Whatever genre it may be – Radiorock, Country or Blues, Mattias finds a way to impress.

Mikael Mjörnberg,, 2008-11-10


Mattias takes the folksy roots of Bob Dylan and Neil Young and plucks out the smooth sounds of West Coat Rock. He does it with style and a fantastic voice that drips with feeling.

Jessica Dalman, Dalarnas Tidningar, 2008-10-29


His voice tears and soothes the soul, and opens up the inner-most feelings of the audience. “In the blue” is in radio play rotation now, and it is most well-deserving of that status.

Björn G Stenberg, Uppsala Nya Tidning, 2008-10-22